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Demystify your revenue cycle at every stage.

Revenue optimization can help improve your overall financial health and performance. Once revenue cycle is optimized, we can locate opportunities across your entire enterprise. This would allow healthcare providers /systems to transform their revenue cycle program to streamline certain processes such as prior authorizations and denial management processes equating to improved revenue recognition. 

RCCS is a leader in the healthcare industry. We are the revenue cycle and coding compliance experts that other experts turn to.

For a healthcare organization to be successful in the ever-changing healthcare industry, it must optimize all its efforts. Healthcare organizations provide multiple services daily and those services must be properly documented to receive full reimbursement from insurance payers. Processes are created to handle the high volume of services, but if they are not monitored, there may still be revenue leakage and denials. RCCS offers process mapping to visualize areas of improvement and unseen opportunities in your current processes. Learn everything your organization needs to know about before and after the patient visit with valuable metrics in place to ensure the success of your organization. RCCS offers a selection of services for organizations seeking to improve their current operations and processes. Most services begin by understanding your current operations then recommending strategies and sometimes providing personalized training in areas where needed. RCCS is a full-service company that analyzes, strategizes, and provides the training needed to reach goals.

Revenue Optimization Services

Revenue Cycle Audit

Revenue Cycle Analysis & Optimization

Our revenue cycle management services can help you identify unnoticed factors in your current front- and back-end revenue cycle processes that are delaying or preventing timely reimbursement, contributing to a loss of revenue.

Some benefits of utilizing expert RCM services include:

  • Receiving Appropriate Reimbursements
  • Locating and obtaining missed revenue reimbursement
  • Efficient claim turnaround times
  • Competitive advantage in the industry
  • And more!

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we will help you find opportunities to increase your revenue in just 60 days and provide the insights needed for you to make the best financial decision for your organization.


Electronic Health Records Assessment and Optimization

An electronic health record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history; it makes patients’ information available and secure to authorized users.

Medical specialty experts at RCCS will analyze documentation, coding, and charge capture within the EHR to help ensure coding accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. During this process, our goal is to seek out repeated mistakes from previous patient encounters within your current coding and documentation. After the analysis, our experts will generate innovative solutions to avoid future errors and optimize the use of features within your EHR system. To ensure our recommendations are working we will collect, track, and report improvements guaranteeing the success of your facility.

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Billing, Coding, & Documentation Review

With experience in hospitals, freestanding clinics, and single-physician practice settings, the experts at RCCS are a trusted source you can turn to for billing, coding, and documentation reviews.

Our team will review your current documentation and revenue cycle practices to ensure charges are being captured accurately and follow payer or internal guidelines. Reviews can be specific to your individual needs, covering anything from coding, physician documentation, or missed reimbursement. We offer various reviews for:

  • Medical Record Review
  • Provider Documentation Review
  • Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Compliance Review
  • Coding and Modifier Compliance Review
  • Charge Master Review
  • Credit Balance Reconciliation/Resolution
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Review
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis

All audits follow a similar structure starting with a review of all records. We will then perform a root cause analysis to identify where errors are occurring. Finally, we’ll provide a presentation and explanation of our findings including any reports or summaries that may be applicable. Becoming aware of these mistakes can potentially increase your revenue and decrease the length of reimbursement periods. Our billing, coding, and documentation reviews can provide you with the insights needed to correct errors and avoid them in future encounters.

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