Regents Health Webinar Series | Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies Inc.

Everything You Need to Know About Opening and Operating an Outpatient-Based IR Lab

A five-part webinar series

In this series, attendees will learn about the nuances and challenges of opening and operating an outpatient-based IR lab (“OBL”) as well as the consideration around an OBL versus a freestanding ambulatory surgery center (”ASC”).  We will walk through why now is such a critical time to consider OBL opportunities in the market.

Regents’ industry experts, Raif Erim and Shelia Sferrella, will provide different perspectives on the pros and cons of OBLs along with a sample market analysis, financial analysis, and projections for an actual market in the southeast. PLUS, several guest speakers will join throughout the series, including RCCS President Melody W. Mulaik!


Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 1:00 PM EDT
  • Many groups are asking for hospitals to provide stipends or subsidies for IR call coverage, particularly for health systems with high-volume trauma and stroke programs.
  • Justification for financial support should be data-driven and based on an FMV compensation and productivity analysis.
  • Utilizing an FMV opinion letter can result in significant success in negotiating subsidies.

How to set up an OBL

Date TBD
  • What are the requirements for construction?
  • What regulatory, billing and contracting hurdles need to be planned for and overcome
  • What procedures can be performed and billed for in an OBL that maximize patient care and revenue for the group
  • What capital equipment is required to perform the procedure mix anticipated at your OBL
  • What sort of staff is required for front desk, registration, procedures, recovery, etc.


Date TBD
  • We will talk through the advantages and disadvantages of each model
  • What are the reimbursement differences and requirements to perform and bill for procedures
  • Does it make sense to consider a full ASC with partner physicians in other specialties to perform more complex outpatient surgeries, or is it more beneficial to create an OBL under your physician group ID and provide outpatient IR as an ancillary service for the practice?

Regulatory and compliance issues to consider

Date TBD
  • What are the state and federal regulations that require attention related to setup, billing, operations, etc.
  • Do Certificate of Need laws apply in your state
  • How do you ensure compliance so that operations on day 1 do not come into question?

Legal and financial implications

Date TBD
  • What you need to know, from the top legal advisors in the nation, about setting up an OBL to maintain compliance and avoid any gray areas in the practice.
  • Should you setup a separate tax ID and NPI for the OBL
  • If you want to establish a fractional ASC, what legal documents do you need for valuation, shares, etc.

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