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Outsourced Operations Solutions

When your workload exceeds your operational capacity, turn to the experts in revenue cycle management for cost-effective, compliant solutions.

Coding+ Specialty Remote Coding

Remote Oncology Charge Capture Solutions

Coding+ Specialty Remote Coding

Timely and correct claims submission is fundamental to your organization’s financial health but can be put at risk by a variety of factors including staffing/expertise shortages, new system implementations and service line expansions. When facing these challenges, turn to Coding+ from RCCS for short or long-term solutions.


  • The highly credentialed RCCS team works directly within your EMR system, identifying ways to boost productivity and shorten turnaround times
  • Monthly coding of outpatient and/or physician services based on supporting documentation accompanied by documentation feedback
    • CPT®/HCPCS procedure codes
    • ICD-10-CM coding
  • Industry leading quality control & compliance program to reduce risk and support timely reimbursement
  • Denial support as needed
  • Regular communication with reporting against established benchmarks

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Remote Oncology Charge Capture Solutions

As the experts that other experts turn to, you can trust the RCCS team to ensure medical and radiation oncology charges are captured accurately and in compliance with payer guidelines. This allows you to reduce denials and maximize appropriate reimbursement. RCCS will serve as your strategic partner by amplifying the capabilities and capacity of your operational team and EMR or address staffing vacancies. All services are customized to your organizational needs and can be provided on a long term or temporary basis.


  • Real-time communication with physicians and staff to address charge capture and documentation questions
  • Daily comparison of charge capture to documentation found within the EMR
  • Identification and real-time correction of missed, overbilled, or inaccurate charge capture
  • Identification of incomplete documentation and documentation errors to allow for proactive correction
  • Weekly communication of errors, omissions, corrections, and department trends
  • Management of coding edits, including application of necessary modifiers when appropriate
  • Communications to assist with payer authorizations, denials, and reimbursement issues
  • Education of staff and physicians regarding process, necessary documentation, and charge capture
  • Guidance on opportunities for documentation improvements to coincide with the latest payer guidelines
  • Assistance regarding implementation of annual coding updates, system upgrades, new treatment techniques, and best practices

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