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Process Mapping

From front to back office operations, fine-tuning your revenue cycle to become highly efficient starts with a thorough examination of current processes to identify strengths and opportunities.

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How it works:

  • Our medical specialty experts begin with evaluation and documentation of the coding and charge capture processes to ensure accurate and consistent coding practices
  • Based on this we may conduct interviews and direct observation with key team members to gain further insight into your unique environment and workflows
  • Focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and quality, we highlight opportunities to improve overall billing and coding operations
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Process Improvement

With hands-on experience in hospital, physician office, and multi-specialty group practices, the process improvement team at RCCS will provide customized solutions to address every phase of your revenue cycle or tackle specific issues you may have already identified.

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How the RCCS team of experts can help:

  • Implementation of continuous QA programs
  • Facilitation of best practices for all processes and staff levels
  • Charge integrity function implementation for all specialty types
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Clinical Charge Capture Review Training

Let RCCS’ nationally certified trainers come to you. With specialty-focused training, tailored to the experience level of your team, we can help maximize reimbursement without sacrificing compliance.

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What’s included:

  • In-depth training for staff on reviewing and validating the charges captured
  • Review of workflows related to charge capture to ensure compliance and efficiency
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Specialty EHR Optimization

Tap into your EHR’s fullest potential to maximize appropriate reimbursement, promote compliance, and streamline workflows.

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What to expect:

Together we’ll look at a variety of factors including documentation, scheduling, charge capture, coding and your associated processes to optimize use of the features available in your EHR system with an eye on compliance and efficiency.

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Service Line Implementation

Whether you’re opening a new facility or introducing a new technique or service, RCCS’s speciality experts can help set up all of your processes from charge capture to coding and documentation.

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What our customers are saying

“They provided us a road map for navigating through coding issues to reach a higher level of compliance and charge capture.”

Radiology Supervisor at Multi-state Health System

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