Meet Melody W. Mulaik

Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies (RCCS) President Melody W. Mulaik has worked in the healthcare industry for more years that she cares to admit. Prior to joining the Revenue Cycle team five years ago, she served as the President of Coding Strategies, Inc. (CSI). Of course, Melody explains, back then, she led a much smaller team, and the role wasn’t nearly as complex as it is today. However, the challenge is one she was happy to embrace. The ability to work across diverse teams and serve as the external face of the company are two aspects of her job that she enjoys the most.

Melody W. Mulaik

When asked what she likes about RCCS besides her job duties, Melody’s immediate response was, “The people, first and foremost.” Melody has found that every member of the organization at every level has an unparalleled commitment to doing the right thing, producing quality work, and pursuing personal and professional growth. She also highlighted RCCS’s unique culture of empowerment. Someone with Melody’s credentials and experience could easily move on to other opportunities, but she says it hasn’t even crossed her mind to look elsewhere.

“I really don’t think I would be more fulfilled or happier any place else,” she explained.

Melody is also involved in the industry, and specifically the radiology industry outside of her position at RCCS. While she is a member of many organizations her greatest involvement is with AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management and the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA). She currently serves as Chair of the AHRA Regulatory Affairs Committee, AHRA liaison to the American College of Radiology (ACR) Commission on Economics, and a member of the RBMA Strategic Education Advisor Committee and the RBMA Vendor Committee. Additionally, she is a prolific writer and speaker for these organizations and others.

She even serves as a mentor to emerging leaders through both RBMA and her alma mater Georgia Tech. As a mentor she answers questions and provides guidance on their career goals and objectives.

When it comes to her own goals and objectives, Melody is committed to bettering and furthering the industry in which she has built such a successful career. As the President and public face of a company like RCCS, she is primed to make a difference with her large network of connections to industry leaders and stakeholders.

“I’m always seeking to pull together organizations or people to facilitate meeting goals or to serve the industry better.”

While it would make sense for a business leader to make decisions and push for measures that benefit their particular company, Melody prioritizes doing the right thing above reaping rewards for RCCS or herself. It just so happens that better serving the industry as a whole ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone.

In a highly technical industry, potential stakeholders and partners might struggle to comprehend exactly what is important to keep up with it or how regulatory changes impact organizations’ success. Melody has been commended several times throughout her career on her ability to make boring topics sound interesting and difficult concepts easy to understand. This skill is part of what drives success at RCCS for both the company itself and its clients.

Melody is an alumna of Georgia Tech, where she was a campus leader and founder of the Theta Zeta chapter of Phi Mu. She is still actively involved with the school’s world-class H. Milton Stewart School of Industry and Systems Engineering (ISyE). Her role as a mentor for ISyE differs slightly from her mentorship role at RBMA. While the school brings together the best and the brightest technical minds in engineering, navigating the business side of the industry can be challenging.

Melody Mulaik in Georgia Tech gear

Formally, there are two Georgia Tech students that she currently mentors, but she often has other students reach out to her for guidance after events or presentations at the school. She helps prepare these students for the business world by working with them on their communication and leadership. This also includes reviewing their resumes, preparing them for interviews, and helping them decide what internships to pursue.

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, she finds female students are especially eager to hear about her experience.

Melody does not sugarcoat the reality of being a woman in this industry. “Ladies, you’re going to have to work twice as hard as these men. I don’t care what anybody says. Yes, even in today’s world you’re still going to encounter sexism. And sorry, guys, you may not agree with me. But ladies—it’s true,” she recalls telling one group of students.  She also adds that corporate culture is critical when selecting where you want to invest your time and grow your career.

“Join a company that values and promotes diversity and equality, and you will find individual and corporate success.”

When she’s not busy leading one of the top revenue cycle, coding, and compliance consulting organizations in the industry, Melody likes to spend her time traveling, skiing, making memories with her family, and reading. She is a fan of historical fiction, and her favorite authors include Ken Follett and James A. Michener. She loves to travel Europe and especially enjoys Rome and Venice. In her future travels, she’s hoping to check a few more items off of her bucket list by visiting Turkey and New Zealand.

Melody Mulaik with daughter
Melody Mulaik with family

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