Meet Kimberly Love, BS, RT(R)

“What happens — in any organization — is you tend to get stuck only looking inside your box,” Kim Love, RCCS’s new Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Consulting Services, explains. “Sometimes you need assistance to look outside of that box. That’s one of the things I love doing and why I’ve loved my career so far. ”

This year, Kim celebrated 30 years in the industry and if there’s anything she’s an expert at, it’s not letting herself get trapped in any boxes.

Kimberly Love

After obtaining her BS in Hospital Administration and training as a radiology tech, Kimberly accepted a position performing x-rays for an orthopedic office. Within a year, she was running the practice.

Her transition into consulting followed shortly after that when the orthopedic practice she managed was purchased by a management, consulting, and billing company. Kim then transitioned to doing interim management.

Physician group practices would hire her company to manage and bill for their services.  Kim would serve as an interim manager, providing services until a new manager was hired. Once everything was up and running, she’d move on to the next project. That’s how she found herself in Atlanta. A couple of years later that company decided to close.

Fortunately, Kim had built such strong relationships with her client that she remained the administrator over 5 locations of a urology practice. At this point in her career, Kim had become accustomed to change. Though she stayed with that practice for the next decade, she managed to collect a variety of experiences.

In 2002, she was given the opportunity to return to Radiology as a practice manager.  “I began my 21-year career as the practice administrator of one location and also began doing sales and marketing,” she explains. “Coming from a background of doing many things I started to raise my hand asking for additional responsibilities and soon moved to the corporate office, where I took over payer contracting and credentialing.”

Continuing to ask for more responsibilities, Kim then established several new departments for the company, including a Regionalized Patient Scheduling Department, a Prior Authorization Department, and a Self-Pay Department. Once those areas were transitioned to permanent management, she established a Project Manager, Operational Liaison, Joint Venture Liaison, and Compliance Officer — all while still managing payor contracting and credentialing.

It was during this time that she met the now Executive Vice President of Regents, Raif Erim. Ready for another change, she moved to Nashville in 2020 and called him up. “What’ve you got for me?” she remembers asking. With the merger on the horizon and the expansion of the revenue cycle consulting department in the works, Raif knew exactly where RCCS could use Kim’s help.

Even though she’s still in her first year with the company, Kim has hit the ground running. Her primary focus is ensuring RCCS exceeds client expectations for anything revenue cycle related. 

“I needed a challenge. I needed to step into something that was going to be exciting and new and use my brain again,” she explains. “What I like most about [RCCS] is I am truly invigorated by my challenges every single day.”

Kim believes her work with RCCS benefits everyone, from clients to their patients. From a financial aspect: inefficient processes can end up costing organizations hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars each year. Kim says, “Anywhere we can assist with streamlining processes to provide patients with the care they need more efficiently, and effectively, I would call that a win for the organization and the patient.”

One of the things Kim is most excited about with the rapidly growing revenue cycle team is how it will allow RCCS to become even more well-rounded for all of our clients. The company offers a full suite of services to help clients improve their workflows throughout their entire revenue cycle. 

Outside of her job, Kim loves to stay active and be outside. She was an avid scuba diver for many years but sold her equipment when she moved to landlocked Tennessee. However, since her new home is located behind a tennis court complex, she’s taken up the sport as her newest hobby.  She is also an adoring grandmother to her three grandkids, aged 3 years, 19 months, and 3 months.

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