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Customized Medical Coding Training Services

Customized Charge Verification Training

Charge capture is the practice of documenting and recording the services provided to the patient and submitting those charges for reimbursement. It is important to ensure charges are captured accurately, as a single error can cost your organization in time and revenue. Charge capture errors could be a major contributor to revenue leakage for many healthcare organizations. Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies recommends a comprehensive charge verification process to identify missing or incorrect charges, confirm documentation accuracy, and ensure the integrity of your revenue cycle. Our team will provide your organization with customized training to best fit your educational needs and avoid future revenue leakage, coding errors, or compliance issues. With customized charge capture training, we will provide:

  • In-depth training for staff on reviewing and validating the charges captured within your radiation oncology electronic health record (EHR)
  • Utilization of system functionality and customization of tools to promote accuracy and efficiency
  • Implement effective tracking and communication tools with providers and clinicians

Post Audit Education and Training

Your staff is the most important part of improving processes. They play a role in every area of your organization and the services they provide. Investing in the proper training can improve current processes and benefit your facility overall. If you decide to sign on to our audit services, RCCS can provide customized training for your team in any of the areas listed on this page. Our team will educate your staff with comprehensive information, clear steps, and recommendations based on authoritative guidance. Your team will learn to avoid mistakes and how to follow guidelines and regulations. Helping your team be efficient and making patient satisfaction their top priority.