Remote Oncology Charge Capture Solutions

Charge capture is vulnerable to a variety of issues that could leave you with denied claims, lost revenue, and stressed-out patients caught in the middle of it all. Whether you’re eager to streamline your processes, minimize coding errors, or both, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies can help.

Reliable, Compliant Service Documentation and Claims

Radiation oncology involves complex procedures that make coding errors easier to happen.

Perhaps an audit has revealed that you’re leaving money on the table due to inefficient or incomplete documentation. You may also be liable for fraud if you’re being reimbursed more than you should be. Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies provides expert charge capture and documentation review for your oncology departments to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Accurate, Timely Reimbursement Solutions

Our consultants all have clinical experience as radiation therapists, dosimetrists and operational managers and can confidently ensure that radiation oncology charges are captured accurately and documented in compliance with payer guidelines.

As the expert other experts turn to, you can trust the RCCS team to help you reduce charge capture and documentation errors resulting in less denials and assurance required documentation is available when claims are denied. Plus, your organization can maximize its appropriate reimbursement for high-cost oncology services…while maintaining compliance.

Benefits of RCCS Remote Oncology Charge Capture Solutions

RCCS provides invaluable support and strategic guidance for health organizations to strengthen their coding accuracy and improve their revenue cycle. Our experienced consultants are at your disposal and act as an extension of your organization. The team helps your oncology department run more efficiently and accurately by:

  • Amplifying the capabilities and capacity of your operational team and EMR
  • Addressing staffing vacancies and training your staff for coding accuracy and compliance
  • Implementing comprehensive reviews to improve claims’ accuracy and reduce the risk of coding errors
  • Proactively identifying documentation errors by thoroughly reviewing each procedure and charge
  • Promptly addressing charge capture and documentation questions through real-time communication with physicians and staff
  • Helping your organization with implementing annual coding updates, system upgrades, new treatment techniques, and best practices

Your Strategic Partner for Cleaner Charge Capture

RCCS serves your organization by developing efficient and reliable strategies for oncology charge capture. By analyzing, documenting, and refining your coding process, the team helps your organization minimize revenue loss and better serve your patients.

Services include:

  • Management of coding edits, including the application of necessary modifiers when appropriate
  • Identification and real-time correction of missed, overbilled, or inaccurate charge capture
  • Weekly communication of errors, omissions, corrections, and department trends
  • Daily comparison of charge capture to documentation found within the EMR
  • Communications to assist with payer authorizations, denials, and reimbursement issues
  • Education of staff and physicians on the coding process, necessary documentation, and charge capture
  • Guidance on documentation improvements to meet the latest payer guidelines

All services are customized to your organizational needs and can be provided on a long-term or temporary basis.

Remote Charge Capture Verification

Organizations that utilize RCCS for radiation oncology charge capture services have experienced an increase in revenue due to varying factors.

You Can Count on RCCS

From training to strategy to implementation, RCCS is here to help your organization locate and reduce revenue leakage, plus support complete compliance and accurate coding.

Here are some ways mistakes can cost you:

  • In 2022, missed charges accounted for 35% of the total charges reviewed – resulting in missed revenue opportunities. The additional revenue collected would be dependent on your volume and payor mix.
  • 15% of charges reviewed were incorrectly coded – resulting in over or underpayment when not corrected. This can put your organization at risk for recoupment or compliance reviews.