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Medical coding is an important aspect of healthcare, and it is a vital step for the revenue cycle to ensure accurate reimbursement for any medical services provided. The process begins with patient registration and ends with the provider receiving full payment for all services. It can take weeks, or even months, for full reimbursement depending on different coding factors such as diagnosis, treatment, documentation of medical codes, and dealing with potential claim denials due to coding errors. Any coding errors throughout the medical billing process can lead to lost revenue. Therefore, it is important to submit the correct codes the first time to receive full reimbursement as quickly as possible. Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies offers a variety of medical coding services to help your organization succeed in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Remote Oncology Charge Capture Verification

Remote Oncology Charge Capture Verification

The industry experts at RCCS can ensure radiation and medical oncology charges are accurately captured and compliant with payer guidelines.

Our team will work alongside your organization to help reduce denials and maximize reimbursement. Working with our experts for remote oncology charge capture services allows you to amplify the capabilities of your organization with customized solutions specific to your needs. All services can be provided on a long-term or short-term basis.

You Can Count on RCCS For:

  • Real-time communication with physicians and staff to address charge capture and documentation questions
  • Daily comparison of charge capture to documentation found within the EMR
  • Identification and real-time correction of missed, overbilled, or inaccurate charge capture
  • Identification of incomplete documentation and documentation errors to allow for proactive correction
  • Weekly communication of errors, omissions, corrections, and department trends
  • Management of coding edits, including the application of necessary modifiers when appropriate
  • Communications to assist with payer authorizations, denials, and reimbursement issues
  • Education of staff and physicians regarding the process, necessary documentation, and charge capture
  • Assistance with the implementation of annual coding updates, system upgrades, new treatment techniques, and best practices
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Coding+ Remote Coding Workforce Solution

Coding+ is a remote short- or long-term solution for health systems, physician practices, and billing companies facing staffing shortages, new system implementation, or other changes impacting your organization.

Our medical coding experts are knowledgeable in more than 20 coding specialties with varying backgrounds in healthcare that could benefit your organization. Our team will work directly within your EMR system, identifying ways to boost productivity and shorten turnaround times. They will also provide denial management support as needed assuring quality and control to support timely reimbursement.

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Medical coding books | Navigators®

The Navigators® are RCCS’ medical billing and coding reference guides written by experts to educate medical professionals on how to properly code in oncology, radiology, or cardiology.

Did you know that 49% of improper reimbursement was due to documentation and coding errors, which are leading causes of revenue loss? Improper coding can result in underpayments, longer reimbursement times, unnecessary repayments, and even penalties.

Correct medical coding is an essential step in the revenue cycle process and should always be a priority. It is beneficial for both the patient and the financial integrity of your organization.

Keep your organization up to date with the latest coding and billing guidelines with our Navigators to help you achieve efficiency and accuracy. Each Navigator provides authoritative guidance and useful information for all phases of treatment that are compliant with documentation requirements, guidelines, and restrictions. The Navigator covers all aspects of treatment, guiding you through real-life examples and key documentation requirements.

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Online Medical Coding Courses

Our wide selection of online learning courses for medical coding will provide the knowledge needed to code accurately and efficiently for oncology, radiology, and cardiology specialties.

Coders working in single-physician practices or hospital outpatient settings can utilize these courses to deepen their understanding of medical coding topics and learn how to assign correct procedure codes. Coding accuracy is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a patient’s medical record. The medical record tells the full story of the patient’s medical history and supports medical necessity — which is essential for payment and authorization of future services. Upon completion of every course, you will receive the applicable CEUs proving your expertise in this area.

Client Resources Center

Client Resource Center

The CRC is our subscription-based online platform that provides direct assistance from our medical coding experts.

It is housed on a secure multi-user platform that allows you to assign user access, putting information in the hands of your team members who need it most. The CRC offers easy access to industry-related questions, payer policies, regulatory updates, and documentation guides. With your subscription, you’ll also have access to many webinars, articles, and news in the healthcare industry that could potentially affect your future decisions and plans. Custom process flows and other resources are available upon request. The CRC can help you solve your toughest coding and compliance questions!

  • Most recent documentation guidelines & regulatory updates
  • Prompt answers to your coding questions from the radiology coding experts
  • Saved topics threads searchable by anyone on your account allow easy access to FAQs
  • Custom process flows and other resources are available upon request.

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