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Medical coding is an important process for all healthcare institutions, affecting both the patient and the organization providing services. Improper coding and charge capture can lead to inaccurate medical records, resulting in wrong treatment, denied claims, and patient dissatisfaction due to financial responsibility. Improper coding can also lead to longer reimbursement periods, claim denials, and compliance penalties. To avoid any of these problems, it is important that medical coders at your facility have the proper training and education. Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies offers medical coding education and resources to properly code compliant with rules and regulations.

CROWN Seminar Series

CROWN Seminar Series

Join us every year as our industry leaders dive into the upcoming coding compliance and regulatory guideline updates.

Our community of experts are at your disposal to answer all pressing questions as you prepare for the new year. Network with your peers and enjoy face-to-face support from RCCS staff.

Online Medical Coding Courses

Online Medical Coding Courses

RCCS also offers a variety of medical coding courses and assessments to suit every learner with their learning style.

After completing each course, you will receive applicable CEUs. Medical coders are required to stay up to date with their education while learning the latest medical updates, compliance rules, and government regulations. Our courses will provide you with all the resources that you need to code accurately and efficiently.

Certification Preparation

Certification Preparation (RCC/RCCIR)

The subject matter experts at RCCS offer several courses, on-demand webinars, study materials, and proficiency assessments to help Radiology Certified Coders and those preparing for the RCC/RCCIR exams understand core radiology knowledge to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

It’s important to remain competitive in the industry of interventional radiology and diagnostic imaging. Test your knowledge before taking the exam with any of our 11 proficiency assessments, offered in partnership with RCCB.

Medical Coding Education

Our experts offer various formats of medical coding education to enhance the knowledge of your medical coders and keep them up to date with new compliance guidelines and regulations. These include webinars and seminars that explain in detail medical coding changes that could affect the way services are documented. However, if more training is needed, we offer customized remote or onsite medical coding training services. Our national certified trainers will assess the medical coding knowledge of your team and provide customized training to fit their needs.

Medical Coding Resources

Client Resources Center

Client Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC offers a full database of helpful resources, including links to final rule documents and Medicare processing manuals, payer policies, regulatory updates, and access to our industry experts via a Q&A portal.

This secure multi-user platform allows you to assign user access, putting information in the hands of your team members who need it most. The CRC is a subscription-based platform. In addition to resources and Q&A access, your subscription also includes webinars, articles, and healthcare industry news updates. Custom process flows and other resources are available upon request. The CRC can help you solve your toughest coding and compliance questions!

Highlighted features:

  • Most recent documentation guidelines & regulatory updates
  • Prompt answers to your coding questions from the radiology coding experts
  • Saved topics threads searchable by anyone on your account allow easy access to FAQs
  • Custom process flows and other resources are available upon request.
Certification Preparation

Medical coding Books | Navigators®

Our medical coding reference guides, also known as Navigators®, were created to help medical professionals identify and address risk areas within their organizations to prevent errors.

Each chapter discusses in-depth medical Documentation Requirements, Coding Guidelines, Compliance Issues, and Coverage Restrictions. Each Navigator includes common real-life scenarios to help you understand concepts and key areas to focus on. The content can be applied to freestanding physician’s offices, hospitals, and any other facility in the US. Each Navigator covers a specialty in detail facilitating complicated concepts in that specific specialty and arming you with the knowledge needed to code them. All Navigators are available in digital or hard copy and can be purchased individually or in a bundle for each specialty.

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