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Compliance Reviews

Don't Let Surprises Cost You

When it comes to compliance, what you don’t know most likely will hurt you. That’s why the industry has relied on the RCCS team for more than 20 years to identify areas of vulnerability and opportunities for improvement.

How It Works

  • You determine the volume and frequency needed to support your compliance program
  • Selected records are reviewed to ensure that documentation supports the procedure(s) and diagnoses codes submitted for reimbursement
  • RCCS experts address other coding and compliance concerns such as claims, orders, date/place of service, and provider

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What our customers are saying

“I have been trying to get a charge master code for a new procedure – RCCS was able to provide one and the authoritative guidance to back it up. We are now capturing revenue that was being left on the table. Thanks again!”

Heath System Charge Capture Analyst