Improve Coding Accuracy & Compliance With Our EHR Assessment

Specialty EHR Assessment

Ensure Accuracy In Your Health Records

The medical specialty experts at RCCS will analyze documentation, coding & charge capture within the EHR as well as associated workflows to help ensure coding accuracy, compliance and efficiency.

What We Focus On

  • Documentation, coding & change capture within the EHR
  • Automations to streamline workflow
  • functionality of reviewing charges
  • Reporting out for coding purposed
  • Customizing staff access by job role
  • Customizing documentation templates specific to practice patterns and equipment
  • …and it’s all based on authoritative guidance!

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What our customers are saying

“I have been trying to get a charge master code for a new procedure – RCCS was able to provide one and the authoritative guidance to back it up. We are now capturing revenue that was being left on the table. Thanks again!”

Heath System Charge Capture Analyst