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Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies is an industry leader in healthcare compliance. We offer a variety of products and services for medical organizations of any size. Our selection of services can help you support whatever your current needs and future goals are. From our 25+ years of experience, we offer training and expert advice to enhance your facility to its full potential.

Service Line Growth

Service Line Implementation

Ready to grow? RCCS is here to help you in the process of implementing new services for your expanding organization.

Our experts will assist you with laying the groundwork for all necessary processes and protocols, from charge capture to coding and documentation. We take into consideration all important aspects that could affect the success of your business such as budget, regulations, and other financial aspects. We provide the expert advice needed to launch successfully and maintain that success throughout the lifetime of your new service line.

Post Audit Education Training

Custom Training

Good organizations hire for skillset, great organizations invest in developing talent. RCCS understands that, as your team grows with various backgrounds and experiences, it is important that every member is professionally trained.

With 20+ years of experience in clinical and non-clinical areas of healthcare, we are prepared to leverage our experience training your team. Our nationally certified trainers have helped industry-leading associations improve compliance, reimbursement, and efficiency.

We offer training options that are cost-effective ways to keep your team performing at its peak. Expertise in applicable payer guidelines for location, facility types, specific technologies, and drug regimens. Whatever your training needs are, our professionals will travel to you or find you remotely at your convenience. Invest in your most valuable asset and receive the biggest return on your investment.

The process starts by assessing your team’s experience, productivity, and current processes that define the everyday activities of your team. Our professionals will have a brief understanding of the team’s knowledge level and will be able to provide training tailored (customized) to the needs of your team. Our customized training to your specialty will address your unique pain points, scenarios, and processes. We provide you with all the resources needed such as references, resource recommendations and authoritative guidance to assist your staff in varying roles and levels. We will provide the most efficient training to our knowledge for your team to become more compatible and efficient at completing everyday tasks.

Vendor Reimbursement Services

Vendor Reimbursement Services

As a creator or distributor of medical equipment, drugs, or other technology you are aware of the extensive rules and regulations you must follow.

These include the federal Anti-Kickback statute which prohibits the knowing and willful payment of “remuneration” to induce or reward patient referrals for the generation of business payable by federal health care programs. We act as an extension of the vendors to assist them with services needed to be compliant with laws and regulations. We are a comprehensive vendor resource to assist with any coding questions. Leverage our expertise in the healthcare industry to get the tools and answers you need when you need them. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • ROI models
  • Answer questions related to coding, billing and reimbursement
  • Assist customers as they respond to payer denials or request for additional information
  • Latest updates on regulatory and reimbursement releases
  • and more!

Get the tools and answers you need when you need them.

*We do not apply for CPT codes for new technologies *

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