Powerful Coding & Compliance Solutions for Interventional & Diagnostic Radiology

Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies has provided specialty medical coding, revenue cycle, and compliance consulting services, as well as educational and training materials to radiologists and others in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. RCCS’ key to excellence lies in our extensive team of specialized coding experts and industry leaders, who create customized revenue cycle solutions and provide our clients the assistance they need to thrive in the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry.

Radiology Consulting Services

Our goal is to build a trusted educational connection with our clients. We strive for long-term client relationships where we can provide not only auditing services and feedback on a recurring basis (quarterly, annually, etc.) but also education to those providers and/or coders involved in the coding and documentation process. We have two main focuses that build out a comprehensive radiology consulting package:

  • Targeted Audits (for coding and documentation requirements)
  • Specialized Education (providers and/or coding staff)

Common Areas of Concern We Can Address for Radiology:

  • CT/Mammography/X-ray
  • Order Compliance
  • Documentation Improvement
  • MIPS Measures – documentation and reporting
  • IDTF Regulations
  • Diagnosis Coding for Diagnostic and Screen Radiology Services


Our Navigators® are the only resource you need to ensure compliance and accurate billing for your organization. Covering all aspects of treatment, these guide provide a comprehensive walkthrough of each process, including examples and key documentation requirements.

Radiology Coding Education

Navigator® Medical Coding Books

RCCS offers four comprehensive Navigator® Coding Guides designed to help physician practices, imaging centers, and hospitals submit correct claims for radiology procedures and services. The first section of each Navigator provides background information about:

  • Medicare program overview of the payment systems
  • Authoritative Guidance resources
  • Supervision of services
  • Documentation of services
  • Appropriate Use Criteria requirements

The remainder of each manual covers coding guidelines and billing/reimbursement guidelines for procedures radiologists commonly perform. Radiology Navigators include:

Coding for radiology services requires extensive knowledge of anatomy, as well as an understanding of coding conventions, so this manual includes anatomic diagrams as well as definitions of important anatomic terms.

We also created the Navigator® for Evaluation and Management for Providers to assist with understanding the 2024 E/M coding changes and updates for outpatient, inpatient, emergency departments, critical care units, and telehealth services. The first part of this book discusses the types of E/M services for each setting. The second part of the book explains how to select the E/M code that best describes the service and how to ensure the documentation meets the requirements for that code. This book will help the reader understand the complex requirements for E/M coding and documentation.

Radiology Job Aids

Our Interventional Procedures Job Aid is a set of “cheat sheets” that contains anatomic diagrams, lists of codes for commonly performed interventional exams, and other helpful coding tips and information.

The Radiology Diagnosis Coding w/ ICD-10-CM Job Aid lists common radiology diagnoses in alphabetic order together with their corresponding ICD-10-CM codes. It includes 4 pages of diagnoses followed by a page of ICD-10-CM Quick Tips on trauma encounters, excludes notes, use of 7th characters, and pregnancy codes.

Radiology Online Courses

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, the ability to provide your teams with the training they need in a time and place that fits their schedule is priceless! With the online library of courses from Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies®, the industry’s most trusted source of medical specialty coding and compliance education for over two decades, you can easily prepare your team to code any service with confidence and ensure timely reimbursements.

Each course includes lay explanations of clinical terms, code selection and sequencing guidelines, and documentation requirements using real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises to improve comprehension and retention. At the completion of the course, a scored assessment evaluates the learner’s comprehension of the material and allows them to earn CEUs.

The Interventional Radiology curriculum is a collection of six online courses that cover all aspects of procedure coding for interventional radiology services for coders working in a physician practice or hospital outpatient setting. Courses included are:

The Diagnostic Radiology curriculum includes nine online courses covering coding guidelines for various imaging modalities for coders working in a physician practice, hospital outpatient, or free-standing imaging center setting. Courses included are:

With each of these curricula, participants can hone their skills by coding actual procedure notes and receiving immediate feedback on their code selections. They also include printable study guides with anatomic diagrams to assist in the coding process. Each of the courses in our radiology curricula is also available to be purchased individually, allowing you to customize your education plan based on the needs of your team.

Radiology at the CROWN Annual Seminar Series

Each year the experts at RCCS gather to share their knowledge regarding upcoming coding, regulatory, and compliance guideline updates. The 3-day seminar includes a collection of sessions addressing changes in interventional and diagnostic radiology, radiation and medical oncology, and cardiology coding and compliance.

During the Interventional Radiology session, we will cover several hot topics and problem areas such as:

  • Diagnostic angiography and additional subselective imaging
  • Challenging transcatheter procedures – lower extremity revascularization, dialysis circuit, embolization, thrombectomy with infusion therapy
  • Nonvascular procedures including biliary, urinary, biopsies, aspirations, and more

The Diagnostic Imaging session will cover:

  • New diagnostic imaging codes
  • Reporting rules and regulatory changes
  • Appropriate documentation for diagnostic imaging services
  • And more!

Client Resource Center

With our Client Resource Center (CRC), you will always have access to the answers you need for complicated coding questions. The CRC platform puts you in direct contact with an industry expert to quickly answer your important questions—usually by the next business day—via the Q&A portal.

You can also access the specific payer policies for your facility’s requirements and geographic location at any time.

The CRC is a subscription-based service where interventional radiologists, practice staff, and coders can ask questions regarding coding, billing, and compliance for interventional radiology procedures and receive real-time responses from our team of experts.