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Our nationally recognized team of medical consultants with over 50 years of combined experience in both clinical and non-clinical settings offer their expertise to help medical providers reach their goals. RCCS offers consulting services to multiple areas of healthcare and several specialties including revenue cycle management, radiation and medical oncology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, and cardiology compliance. Our consultants will organize your data in a way that is easier to understand, helping you make confident decisions and allowing you to focus on projects that matter to your organization. We will assist in optimizing your current operational processes and lower future risk factors, making this a long-term investment in your business. Whatever your future goals, RCCS can help you reach your next milestone, contact us to learn more about our consulting services.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is beneficial for organizations to better position themselves in the healthcare industry and become more informed before making a big decision.

Strategic planning consists of 4 steps: assessing internal and external environments, strategy creation, execution, and evaluation. The market information provided by our experts is the assurance you need in making a confident decision to put your organization on the path to success. We’ll work with you to align your team efforts to support the organization’s vision and goals, plan for upcoming events that most competitors are not aware of, and execute your strategy confidently. You’ll receive valuable insights backed up by solid data from competitors and industry news for a winning strategy. Strategic planning services include:

  • Alignment strategies between
  • Hospitals and Partners
    Acquisition/JV planning
  • SWOT and Root Cause Analysis
  • RFP development, issuance, and support
  • Implementation support
  • Growth and expansion planning for physician groups
Operational Assesssment

Operational Assessment

Our operations team has developed benchmarks based on more than a thousand engagements that allow us to critically look at processes and costs and provide unique experience-based recommendations. Our operational review provides our clients with an extensive and independent analysis of their current procedures, uncovering potential opportunities to bring your business up to “best practice” standards. The review analyzes front-end and back-end operations that can determine staffing needs by the hour of day, equipment capacity and replacement needs, scheduling and call center optimization, and patients and technologist workflows. We also review your revenue cycle and your overall financial performance, providing you with an in-depth assessment to help you develop physician compensation models, productivity standards, and cost efficiencies.
Market Assessment

Healthcare Market Assessment

Our Healthcare Market Assessment provides our clients with detailed and actionable market intelligence that can aid growing facilities and groups interested in expanding to identify desirable market areas where outpatient services are in greatest demand and have the greatest opportunity for financial success.

The assessment takes into consideration these metrics:

  • Volume demand by modality and zip code
  • Competition density
  • Drive time analyses
  • Demographic details
  • Insurance coverage estimates
  • Market growth

We can also perform a detailed market Capture Analysis to examine the projected volume estimates for a new or expanded service as well as a Reimbursement Analysis to assess the site-of-service average reimbursements for specific services. Together, these analyses consider competition saturation, drive times, pricing, and marketability to help build a financial proforma that will satisfy your partners or lenders.

Healthcare Valutaion

Healthcare Valuation

Healthcare valuations establish a baseline value for medical practices, joint ventures, or outpatient centers to assist with a contemplated transaction.

Using our industry expertise and operational knowledge we can provide unique insights into the financial performance and revenue drivers of the business with the buyer or seller. We can assist practices in preparation for sales, mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, and other transactions. Our Fair Market Valuation (FMV) expertise extends beyond practice valuations to include Professional Service Agreements, Management Service Agreements and partner buy-in / buy-out. FMVs are often required in healthcare transactions when any referral-based business is involved or when one party or the other may have tax-exempt status. Whatever your stance is in the contemplated transaction, RCCS will provide the information needed to make the most informed decision for your practice.

Legal Consulting

Legal Support Services

RCCS offers legal support to medical organizations all over the United States. We’ll help you determine areas of potential liability and the steps to take during the audit process and future appeals.

Our consultants will work with you and your legal counsel to provide guidance on the best steps to address your specific concerns and deliver the results you need with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you’re seeking to implement a proactive auditing program or are defending yourself against an external audit, you need a partner you can trust.

The experts at RCCS are available to assist with a variety of legal support services, including:

  • Expert testimony
  • Audit defense services
  • Medical coding and reimbursement matters
  • Medicare and Medicaid compliance plans
  • Fraud and abuse

*Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.

Consulting by Specialty

RCCS offers specialty-specific remote or on-site consulting services for clients on a recurring basis (quarterly, annually, etc.). We strive to help your team become well-prepared for the ever-changing healthcare industry through educational content specific to their specialty. Helping with the optimization of coding and documentation processes increases overall patient satisfaction. We support our clients with a multitude of focuses that build a comprehensive consulting package, including everything from targeted audits and evaluations to specialized education and follow-up training.

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Oncology Consulting

Our oncology consultants offer experience as oncology nurses, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, or operational managers. Their deep understanding and real-world experience of operational and clinical issues uniquely qualifies them to advise on the most complex of topics.

The recommendations given by them reflect their years of experience by acknowledging key factors that competitors will not even consider.

Common Areas of Concern We Can Address for Oncology:

  • Expert confirmation of daily charges and documentation
  • Inaccurate or cumbersome EHR systems
  • Evaluation of supporting documentation in comparison to authoritative guidelines
  • Assessment of coding and documentation for complex oncology techniques for all sites of service
  • Education and recommendations for process improvements
  • Supplement staff vacancies for charge capture and documentation review
Interventional Radiology Solutions

Interventional Radiology Consulting

Common Areas of Concern We Can Address for Radiology:

  • CT/Mammography/X-ray
  • Order Compliance
  • Documentation Improvement
  • MIPS Measures – documentation and reporting
  • IDTF Regulations
  • Diagnosis Coding for Diagnostic and Screening Services
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Radiology Consulting

Common Areas of Concern We Can Address for Radiology:

  • CT/Mammography/X-ray
  • Order Compliance
  • Documentation Improvement
  • MIPS Measures – documentation and reporting
  • IDTF Regulations
  • Diagnosis Coding for Diagnostic and Screening Services
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting

Our revenue cycle consultants can help you find opportunities to regain lost revenue in your current processes and identify unnoticed factors that may be delaying or preventing timely reimbursement.

Some benefits of utilizing our expert RCM services include:

  • Receiving appropriate reimbursements
  • Locating lost revenue
  • Efficient claim turnaround times
  • Competitive advantage in the industry
  • And more!

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we will help you find opportunities to increase your revenue in just 60 days and provide the insights needed for you to make the most advantageous financial decisions for your organization.

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