Billing, Coding & Documentation Reviews

Find the Errors, Streamline Your Processes

Making mistakes is human, but in medical coding, simple mistakes can be costly. Mis-categorized procedures, inconsistencies, or patient information typos could leave claims denied, your department without reimbursement, and your patients unhappy.

But when you can trust your system, your patients can trust you. Our detailed review of your medical records and billing documents will reveal any issues. Then, we can plan your organization’s next steps so you can assign codes with confidence!

Closing the Gaps Between Charge Capture and Revenue

Charge capture is a tedious process with a ton of opportunities for errors. When insurers decline the payout or patients complain about unexpected charges, your billing records could contain the answer. The team at RCCS takes a deep dive into your documentation to identify revenue leakage and support a better patient experience.

A Coding Support Team Dedicated to Your Success

Armed with experience in hospitals, freestanding clinics, and private practices, we know how to increase accuracy, correct inconsistencies, and ensure compliance with both payer and internal guidelines.

Contact us for a review of your billing and coding documentation to reveal gaps, errors, and opportunities for greater efficiency.

Types of Billing, Coding, & Documentation Reviews

All our reviews follow a similar pattern consisting of a general review, deep analysis, and presentation of findings along with recommendations for the next steps. This 3-step process identifies procedural issues, pinpoints sources of revenue loss, and supports greater integrity of your billing and reimbursement cycle. Reviews can be specific to your individual needs, covering anything from coding, physician documentation, or missed reimbursement.

Our services don’t have to end there, though. Once a review has been conducted, you can trust RCCS to turn the results into a roadmap toward compliance and optimization. We can provide educational materials, training, short- or long-term remote coding or charge capture validation, revenue cycle management, or even long-term strategic consulting based on decades of best practices and authoritative guidance.

Reviews include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Record Review
    • Provider Documentation Review
    • Procedure and Diagnosis Code Compliance
    • Coding and Modifier Compliance Review
  • Charge Master Review
  • Credit Balance Reconciliation/Resolution
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Review
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis

Post Audit Education and Training

Your staff is the most important part of improving processes. They play a role in every area of your organization and the services they provide. Investing in the proper training can improve current processes and benefit your facility overall. If you decide to sign on to our audit services, RCCS can provide customized training for your team in any of the areas listed on this page. Our team will educate your staff with comprehensive information, clear steps, and recommendations based on authoritative guidance. Your team will learn to avoid mistakes and how to follow guidelines and regulations. Helping your team be efficient and making patient satisfaction their top priority.

Get Your Records Reviewed Now

Contact us for more details about our coding/billing documentation audit and process review. We’re here to help your organization gain new efficiency and accuracy.

What our customers are saying

“I have been trying to get a charge master code for a new procedure – RCCS was able to provide one and the authoritative guidance to back it up. We are now capturing revenue that was being left on the table. Thanks again!”

Health System Charge Capture Analyst