Electronic Health Record (EHR) Assessment and Optimization

Top-tier information management services for healthcare providers

The process of implementing and customizing an EHR system can be tedious and complicated due to the complexity of healthcare records and the radiation oncology specialty. If you’re thinking about streamlining your current system, evaluating the accuracy or switching system platforms, our experts can assist you.

At Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies, we see our job as promoting clients’ prosperity. Jumbled, confusing, and mismanaged health records can create errors, slow down reimbursement and overwhelm practices. To avoid costly mistakes and to keep your processes running smoothly, we provide extensive and thorough EHR assessment and optimization.

Our experts will analyze your processes focusing on documentation and charge capture in your EHR, allowing us to optimize those current systems to ensure coding accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.

How it Works

The customization of EHR workflow is essential for efficient and accurate charge capture and documentation processes. Our experts will:

  • Assess system utilization to streamline workflow
  • Evaluate charge capture prompts assigned to activities and tasks
  • Improve functionality of reviewing and exporting charges
  • Ensure clear reporting for billing purposes
  • Customize staff access by job role
  • Customize documentation templates specific to your practice’s patterns and equipment

What to Expect

Once our experts have assessed your EHR, we’ll prepare recommendations and implementation strategies for optimizing your systems and organization. This can include addressing the training gaps for clinical staff and physicians by implementing EHR software best practices, further customizing software for your specific needs, and more.

Our staff has years of experience with both common EHR platforms, MOSAIQ and ARIA.

Don’t Wait

We’ve found that there are a plethora of efficiencies and savings to be found after one EHR assessment and optimization session.

Contact us today to unlock your organization’s full potential, improve the quality of documentation, and boost your prosperity.