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Healthcare assessment services are vital for your organization to operate at an optimized level and to take full advantage of your current efforts. It can be challenging to balance various projects and analyze performance to locate areas that could improve your organization’s operations. Most of the time, staff are unaware of the errors they are making, causing them to repeat the mistakes and costing the organization. If you believe that  some processes or areas could potentially be improved or if you are not 100% sure that your organization is operating at its optimal level, then we recommend acquiring our medical analysis and review services. As the recognized industry leader in specialty coding, documentation, and reimbursement, RCCS is ready to identify opportunities for improvement, highlight the root cause of your operational and compliance concerns, or provide insight to make confident decisions for the growth of your organization.

Billing and Coding Documentation

Billing, Coding, & Documentation Review

With experience in hospitals, freestanding clinics, and physician practices, the experts at RCCS are a trusted source you can turn to for billing, coding, and documentation reviews.

Our team will analyze your current documentation and revenue cycle practices to ensure charges are billed accurately and follow payer or internal guidelines. Reviews can be specific to your individual needs, covering anything from coding, physician documentation, or missed reimbursement. We offer various reviews for:

  • Medical Record
    • Provider Documentation
    • Procedure and Diagnosis Code Compliance
    • Coding and Modifier Compliance
  • Charge Master Review
  • Credit Balance Reconciliation/Resolution
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Review
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis
  • And more!

All reviews follow a similar structure starting with a review of all records. We will then perform a root cause analysis to identify where errors are occurring. Finally, we’ll provide a presentation and explanation of our findings including any reports or summaries that may be applicable. Becoming aware of these mistakes can potentially increase your revenue and decrease the length of reimbursement periods. Our billing, coding, and documentation reviews can provide you with the insights needed to correct errors and avoid them in future encounters.

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Revenue Cycle Performance Evaluation

How does your facility’s reimbursement rate compare with the industry’s benchmarks? What about your accounts receivable stats?

If you believe that your facility is performing below average but can’t pinpoint the opportunities for improvement, RCCS can help you! Our revenue cycle evaluation will analyze the front, middle, and back-end processes to get a clearer picture of your full revenue cycle. The results will provide us with the pain points that are delaying or preventing timely reimbursement and help us identify the path to correct them. You will begin to understand your whole revenue cycle, learn where your organization stands compared to industry benchmarks, and find opportunities to grow with fee schedules/charge description master analysis, making your revenue cycle process proactive instead of reactive.

Auditing EHR

Electronic Health Record Assessment & Optimization

The specialty experts at RCCS will analyze documentation, and charge capture within your radiation oncology Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform to help ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.

During this process, our goal is to seek out improvement areas within your current EHR. Our consultants will assess the current utilization and build of your system to provide ways to optimize the use of features available within your EHR system while keeping an eye on compliance and efficiency. The assessment will focus on your practice patterns and department workflow to identify and operationalize identified improvements.

The experts at RCCS can also assist in the transition from one EHR system to another.

Legal Consulting

Legal Support Services

RCCS offers legal support to medical organizations all over the United States. We’ll help you determine areas of potential liability and the steps to take during the audit process and future appeals.

Our consultants will work with you and your legal counsel to provide guidance on the best steps to address your specific concerns and deliver the results you need with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you’re seeking to implement a proactive auditing program or are defending yourself against an external audit, you need a partner you can trust.

The experts at RCCS are available to assist with a variety of legal support services, including:

  • Expert testimony
  • Audit defense services
  • Medical coding and reimbursement matters
  • Medicare and Medicaid compliance plans
  • Fraud and abuse

*Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.

Why are we one of the best companies for healthcare documentation and revenue cycle analysis and review?

RCCS is the premier provider of healthcare compliance services in the industry. Our team has decades of experience in both clinical and non-clinical spaces and a multitude of specialties. We provide more than just documentation reviews. RCCS also has teams dedicated to coding workforce support, charge capture analysis, staff training, and education, extensive healthcare consulting services, and more!

Not sure if you need training or consulting services? Let’s start with a billing, coding, and documentation review or revenue cycle analysis to provide you with the insights needed to locate areas for improvement. Then, we can consult you on actionable solutions and the training needed to ensure you do not make ongoing costly mistakes. We’ll leverage our 25+ years of experience in healthcare to assist providers in the industry with any healthcare needs. Our approach is to invest in training for your team, helping providers remain compliant while maintaining patient satisfaction as a top priority.

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