Mastering the Radiation Oncology Revenue Cycle During the COVID-19 Crisis Webinar - Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies Inc.

COVID-19 has disrupted not only our daily routine but the entire radiation oncology revenue cycle as well.  With insurers seeing unprecedented levels of claim submissions and the industry still adapting to the new normal, ensuring accurate claims and capturing every appropriate CPT the first time has never been more critical to the financial health of your practice.

Join Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies’ CEO, Ron DiGiaimo for this two-part series where he will show you how to meet your collection goals during these challenging times.

During this session you will:

  • Examine the key components of the revenue cycle and each team member’s role within that cycle
  • Get tips/tricks for ensuring an accurate and efficient workflow while learning to overcome common pain points in the revenue cycle, such as modifiers, edits, number of units, resources and more
  • Discuss successful denials management strategies through review of real-life examples from leading radiation oncology departments and facilities that help with revenue management, compliance and clean claims

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