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Join Melody Mulaik, MSHS, President of Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies, as she presents in sessions on the charge capture process and AUC/CDS implementation.

Reimbursement Review: Don’t Let Any Money Slip Away Given the current state of reimbursement, no organization can afford to forfeit their hard-earned money. In this session, Melody Mulaik will discuss the charge capture processes and where opportunities for system break-downs can occur. Learn how to conduct an effective operational review to make a positive impact on your organization.

Is Your Organization Ready for AUC and CDS Implementation? How Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) are implemented will impact your organization for both IT and operational processes and systems. Failure to implement a successful program for both the TC and PC components could result in lost revenue and noncompliance. Working through the current data capture processes and identifying where gaps currently exist will ensure that plans can be quickly implemented to address these concerns. It is imperative that hospital-based radiology practices work collaboratively with all stakeholders – including their billing companies (if applicable) – to ensure that the January 1, 2021, hard implementation date is successful and no one’s revenue is disrupted. In addition, Melody Mulaik will share implementation stories and participants are encouraged to share their experiences for the group’s benefit.