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Billing, Coding & Documentation Assessments

Armed with experience in hospital, freestanding clinic and practice settings, RCCS reviews medical records to ensure charge capture and billing accuracy based on payer or internal guidelines.

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How it works:

  • This 3-step process starts with a medical record review looking at codes assigned compared to associated documentation
  • RCCS experts then conduct a root cause analysis of identified errors
  • In the final step of the assessment, we share the findings and provide education based on best-practices and authoritative guidance
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Compliance Audits

When it comes to compliance, what you don’t know most likely will hurt you – it’s just a matter of when. That’s why the industry has relied on the RCCS team for more than 20 years to identify areas of vulnerability and opportunities for improvement.

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How it works:

  • You determine the volume and frequency needed to support your compliance program
  • Selected records are reviewed to ensure that documentation supports the procedure(s) and diagnoses codes submitted for reimbursement
  • RCCS experts addresses other coding and compliance concerns such as claims, orders, date/place of service, provider
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Due Diligence Reviews

Considering growth options? We can provide you the
insights needed to make a confident decision.

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Fee Schedule/Charge Description Master (CDM) Analysis

The CDM is the cornerstone of your financial health, but it can also be riddled with compliance risks and missed reimbursement opportunities. RCCS can help ensure your CDM is up-to-date and in sync with the latest regulatory guidelines.

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What’s involved:

  • We benchmark your master list of charge codes to CMS RVUs and/or Medicare OPPS
  • For those services that are fee-based, we provide a snapshot in time comparison
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Specialty EHR Assessment

The medical specialty experts at RCCS will analyze documentation, coding & charge capture within the EHR as well as associated workflows to help ensure coding accuracy, compliance and efficiency.

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What we focus on:

  • Documentation, coding & charge capture within the EHR
  • Automations to streamline workflow
  • Functionality of reviewing charges
  • Reporting out for coding purposed
  • Customizing staff access by job role
  • Customizing documentation templates specific to practice patterns and equipment
  • …and it’s all based on authoritative guidance!
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Payer Reimbursement Analysis

Are your reimbursement rates in line with the industry or are you leaving revenue on the table? RCCS can help you find out.

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Using your top-billed codes we:

  • Benchmark reimbursements from payors against national Medicare allowance and your charges.
  • Examine payor contact rates, Medicare rates and client fee schedule to ensure appropriate reimbursement
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Revenue 360 Snapshot

With a front to back analysis of your revenue cycle, RCCS can help identify the pain points that are delaying or preventing timely reimbursement.

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What’s involved:

  • Visual process mapping from registration through zero patient balance.
  • Patient Financial Experience visualization by service line
  • Visual identification of key areas of opportunity
  • Root cause analysis and correction of key areas of opportunity
  • Facilitation and implementation of best practice solutions.
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What our customers are saying

“Our experience with [RCCS] has been phenomenal. They gave us invaluable information in the summation meeting and provided a report with helpful next steps to implement the recommended improvements.”

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